Crucial Web Design Tips for a Professional Design

web design tips

Any website cannot succeed relying solely on a compelling design or a thought-provoking content copy. It needs to have a visual style that feeds into your brand identity and helps enhance the user experience along with the functionality, all while being easy enough to understand. It is understandable that different people are attracted to different styles, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any basic principles to base your design on.

Businesses need good web design toowoomba to draw the attention of potential customers and compete with other businesses in the same domain. Here are a couple of crucial web design tips to ensure that your web design is a professional one that helps you achieve your business goals.

Keep it simple


Users are very unlikely to read all the words on any website. Instead, they tend to skim through the pages picking out the words and phrases that pique their interest. With such behavior in mind, it is better to avoid over-reliance on words. The less someone has to read on your website, the better they’ll be able to process your efforts and relate to your message.

While text and call to action sections are important, make sure to break it all up into relevant sections with headings and subheadings. It is also highly suggested to employ images along with icons to get your message across to your users.

Easy to read content

Following up from the last part, you need to ensure that the content copy on your website has a high readability score. When your content has high readability, it means that the content is easy for people to understand and scan through it. You can follow a couple of things along with maintaining the quality of the content to ensure that your content has high readability.

With display resolutions increasing day by day, the regular 12pt font is barely legible by users on many websites, especially when the design relies heavily on graphics. Furthermore, make sure to have enough contrast between the text and the background, so much so that the text appears visibly clear.

Keep it consistent

You need to create a consistent visual style for the website and stick to it. Have a color palette and use it aptly, stick to it for the headings and then subheadings. Consistency will help capture your user’s attention and keep them engaged for as long as you need.

With fonts, you shouldn’t be using more than 3 throughout a single design. While some designs may require a little more complex combination, if you have to, make sure to keep the effect of the fonts harmonious. It will help you establish a visual hierarchy and prioritize important information.

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