How To Choose The Best Construction Equipment Hire Company

large pick-up truck on the move

Due to the high cost of new construction equipment, it is sometimes more cost-effective to rent equipment, particularly if you just need it for a small period or a single project. However, in order to rent in an economical manner, you need to find a reputable dealer- one that has reliable equipment that meets your requirements discloses all rental charge details before you rent and provides prompt repair and maintenance if the machinery breaks down.

In this article, we are going to mention some of the things you should look at if you want to choose a reputable vendor.

Knowledgeable Staff

This is one of the most important things to consider, especially if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. For instance, you are not certain whether your excavation project requires a skid-steer loader along with a backhoe, or just a skid-steer with an attachment option for the backhoe. An excellent salesperson knows the capabilities of their equipment to help you choose the best ones for the project. This knowledge will save you time and money and will help you avoid renting more than you need or insufficient.

Equipment Maintenance Services

Most rental companies maintain their rental trucks and construction machinery to some extent. Some even offer round the clock servicing. However, it is not uncommon for other hire centres to leave the maintenance job to the renter. So, ask about this before proceeding.

Billing Procedures

It is imperative to ensure that you understand the billing procedures of the firm. Some bill by the hour, some weekly and others by the month. You should not only choose one that meets your budget and project duration, but you should also be on the lookout for hidden costs such as delivery fees and insurance.

Also, you should be aware of costs that might be added to your final bill. Generally, hire centres expect you to return machinery in good condition and with less than usual wear and tear. However, accidents are not uncommon. Insurance often covers damage and loss, but it’s wise to know more about the rental company’s policy. For instance, the company may expect you to pay upfront for machinery damage. You then have to wait for your insurance provider to compensate you. Some companies charge lower than average for rentals, but nickel and dime clients on back charges. To ascertain that you are not charged for damages that you did not cause, it’s best to inspect the equipment during delivery and take detailed notes of the condition.

Downtime Add-on

If you want to rent construction equipment for a huge and long-term project, ensure that the company can accommodate additional or replacement machinery so that your project can go uninterrupted. Now, downtime happens to be the most expensive add-on when it comes to renting equipment. One vendor may charge $2000 a month and another $1000 for the same equipment. However, if you go with the lower option and the equipment breaks down regularly, the repair could slow down the project and eat up your savings.

To avoid this, it is usually best to be aware of the company’s maintenance policy and find out the age of the machinery before renting. Also, check whether the vendor can supply additional pieces of equipment. If something breaks and it is the only equipment the company has, it could delay your project for a long time.

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