4 Outstanding Examples of Experiential Marketing to Inspire You

Experiential marketing brings you closer to the brand. It provides customers with an emotional journey that they remember for years. Here are some outstanding examples of experiential marketing.

Jump from edge of earth by Red Bull Stratos

In 2012, Red Bull Stratos sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s free jump from the edge of the earth. It was a record-breaking free fall that millions of people across the world witnessed live. This improved the reputation of Red Bull as a great drink.

Carlsberg poster

Carlsberg had a huge poster on the street that said ‘Probably the best poster in the world’. Underneath the tagline, there was a beer tap. The passersby could have beer from the tap and it created a great interaction with the brand.

Doc McStuffin’s check up clinic

A Disney Channel TV show called Doc McStuffin arranged an event where children could come and check what was wrong with the Big Ted. This was a fun event and the children enjoyed it. An increase in the sell of merchandises of the brand was evident after this event.


TNT, a TV station, was launched in Belgium in 2012. As part of their advertising campaign, they created a little drama on a quite street of Belgium. It stunned the passersby and the video was watched by more than 50 million people.

All these examples really show how far a company can go to create a memorable experience for its audiences. This type of experiential marketing can boost your brand image and increase your sale considerably.

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